Micro Needling

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Micro Needling

Micro Needling employs the use of tiny needles attached to a micro needle roller or stamp. Using the tiny needles allows the user to perform collagen induction therapy sometimes labelled percutaneous collagen induction therapy or just collagen therapy for short.

The face roller and other micro needle devices create micro trauma within the skin. This then allows the body to increase collagen induction. This increase in collagen induction is often dramatic with an average increase in collagen after a single treatment of 206% and up to a 1,000% being reported (1). Collagen induction therapy reviews are generally positive with excellent results being achieved.

White Lotus is the world leader in providing natural and holistic skin needling treatments for beauty, stretch marks, cellulite and scars. Adopting a natural approach to micro needling allows you to work with the body to achieve rapid collagen induction with the minimum of discomfort.

Unlike other companies White Lotus’s techniques can produce
1.    Painless micro needling
2.    Avoid the use of anaesthetics
3.    Very rapid recovery times (often as little as 24 hours)
4.    Low risk through increased product absorption due to our unique natural products
5.    Very little skin dryness as our products moisturises rather than dry out the skin.

The White Lotus micro needle skin roller is
1.    Machine sterilised
2.    Machine assembled
3.    Produced in tamper evident packaging


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