Jade Roller and Gua Sha massage anti aging kit

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  • Jade Roller – This is made by hand using light colored jade of exceptional quality. It has thick brass brackets that help to conduct more energy through your body. The natural anti-inflammatory property of the jade roller will also help to reduce redness, sensitive skin, and other signs of skin irritation. It brightens complexion and aids in lymphatic drainage.


  • Firming – Massage Cup is used for ensuring your skin gets back its tightness that has diminished over time. It utilizes the concept of suction to lift the skin, thus increasing circulation. Doing so ensures that any old and tight connective tissue that results in facial shape change is successfully broken down. It is made of silicon and a highly useful addition to the Jade Pack.


  • Anti-Aging Effects – The jade roller is instrumental in detoxifying skin and enhancing energy. It is seen as less puffiness, decrease in lines, tightening of the skin, and better muscle tone through the massage action.


  • Thorough Cleansing – When the skin contains dirt and other impurities, you can’t expect to get proper benefits after using the roller and massager. That is why the Organic Face Cleanser has been included in the pack. It ensures the skin is cleansed before starting the massage. The best part is that it can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive one, as it doesn’t cause any unwanted reaction.


  • Expert Contribution – The Jade Pack has been put together by some of the brilliant specialists with decades of experience, associated with White Lotus, as well as the author of the best selling book covering holistic micro needling. Learn in detail how to use these Beauty teachniques in clinic or at home. * A certificate can be issued to clinicans 


You don’t have to go to a salon every time you feel your complexion is sporting an uneven skin tone or the face is looking puffy. Now you can solve this problem without stepping out from home thanks to this Jade Roller and Gua Sha massage kit.

Why is jade so coveted?

This stone has a glorious cooling effect. For centuries Chinese women have used Jade rollers as a daily routine to keep their skin youthful. The soothing properties of jade closes pores while the roller moves the lymph into the right path, which can reduce puffiness and wrinkling. There is also a relaxing effect reported by many users of the rollers.

How the roller and massager used?

Take a look the following steps:

  • Move the roller after pressing it into the skin – please make sure you are applying light pressure or it could cause adverse effects.
  • From the center line going either left or right begin at the hairline rolling slowly towards the ear.
  • Repeat 3 to 6 times at the same line.
  • Continue moving towards the eye. Use the smaller roller this time for the eye lids and surrounding areas.
  • Follow the path from the corner of the eye and nose out to the ear.
  • Continue with upper lip, lower lip and the chin. At the chin follow out the lower jaw line to under the ear lobe.
  • Repeat same movements for the other side of the face.
  • Long rolling motions should be conducted once you have covered the facial area. Start from under the chin out to the side of the neck and end at the collar bone.

While the Jade Pack is effective and produces results quickly, you need to be patient as the change won’t occur overnight.

Detoxification and More Energy

The constant rolling and massaging skin improves circulation and aids the lymphatic system to flush out toxins. With increased blood flow, it brings more oxygen to the surface, which helps to enhance skin tone. Detoxifying the skin will lead to more brightness, clarity, and glow in your complexion. Chi or energy is also positively affected – this is your life force energy that prevents stagnation, thus avoiding sallow complexion.

Eradicate Wrinkles

Jade Gua Sha Massager essentially helps to tone the skin while lifting it. You just need to slide it across the skin in soft motions, and use the tips to apply intense stimulation. It aids in diminishing appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, etc.

Anti Aging Serum

This serum contains organic ingredients such as green tea oil and herbs that don’t harm the skin in any way. In fact, green tea works wonders in helping to regenerate skin cells that combat signs of aging as mentioned above. Make sure you blend a dollop of serum into your skin because this acts as the perfect oil for Gua Sha massage.

Awesome Gift

The Jade Pack is packaged and delivered in a gorgeous silk box, as was the tradition with jade rollers in ancient China. It makes storage extremely convenient, and you can also use it for presenting this kit as a gift for loved ones.

Bonus DVD

An instructional DVD hosted by Anthony Kingston, author of the book “Holistic Micro Needling”. He discusses techniques in great detail and shares tips for improving overall skin health. The video talks about topics like using the jade roller, Gua Sha massager, and massage cup for the face and body to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks.

To put it in a nutshell, the Jade Roller boosts micro circulation and tonifies skin, Gua Sha Massager enables stimulation, and Chinese Cupping technique lifts and firms skin. Order immediately to experience the benefits!


The Anti Aging Facial Serum and Face Cleanser have been certified as being genuinely organic by the Soil Association of Europe, so they are totally safe for use.

Customer Reviews

Insanely relaxing and tightening Review by Pip
This is the ultimate pampering pack for my regime. My skin glows, looks taut and so fresh when i use this.Everyone I know has commented on how great my skin looks since I stared using the white lotus product range. The produst are excellent quality, work better than you can imagine and are all natural , they tick all of my must have boxes and more because they really make my skin look younger than ever. I love the gua sha (Posted on 10/08/2017)