“Thank you SO much for your prompt action replies and updates. I have received my Derma Stamp and lucky Cleaner already. Your products and company are very interesting and good. I am very impressed by the customer care, ethics and research of White Lotus Company and most importantly the tangible results in scar reduction I've gained by using White Lotus products.

I will definitely remain a White Lotus customer”

“I’d just like to say I feel very lucky to have chanced upon White Lotus while searching online for rollers, and I highly recommend White Lotus as a very ethical, honest company, (a breath of fresh air in an industry where too many dishonest ‘businesses’ are happy to sell unclean, dangerous devices to the public).


White Lotus is very safety conscious, all products are of high quality with clear, carefully explained instructions on the website videos – I’m really impressed with White Lotus and the speedy delivery of my orders. My facial scars look better after just a few weeks of using the Scar Pack. I also adore my silk pillow cases.

Keep up the good work White Lotus.”

Boszenna Harvie, London UK (Kindly provided us with a testimonial on 2 occasions)

“I have a health and skin care clinic for 24 years and in this time I have used many roller systems from different companies. White Lotus rollers are the best! The results I achieve with the rollers are excellent and I am the new "go to girl" because of them. My clients enjoy using the home rollers and can't wait for their salon visits. All the other products in the range give excellent results. I can without any doubt recommend White Lotus products!”

Riana, Riana's Health and Skin Care Clinic, Australia

"I have a rather prominent scar on my nose from surgery to remove a Basal Cell Carcinoma which was performed about 3 years ago. I have tried a number of topical treatments but nothing has shown any positive results at all. As an Acupuncturist and Naturopath I was delighted to discover a totally natural and non-invasive treatment - White Lotus Dermal Stamp and Serum for treatment on scars.

I have been using the Dermal Stamp together with the White Lotus Scar Serum for approximately one month. When I started using it I assumed it would take a number of months to start seeing any results. I have to say I was amazed after only a few weeks to discover that the entire scar was starting to fill out and each day that I use the stamp, it improves even more. The stamp is easy and quick to use, it is very affordable and best of all, there is no down-time – just do it before you go to bed at night and see the results the next day."

Heather Newbold, Owner of AcuNat Clinic in Cleveland, Qld