Deluxe Micro Needle Roller hypoallergenic kit with Jade Roller - Anti Aging

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 White Lotus Deluxe Anti Aging Pack- Biocompatible Polymer Microneedling Roller,Organic Anti Aging Serum- Totally Safe- Amazing Gift Item

  • Quality Products – Every item in this box is of premium grade. The White Lotus microneedling roller is first biocompatible micro needle roller, while the pillow case is made using the finest of 19 momme silk.

  • Worry-Free– This White Lotus roller is created using biocompatible polymer, so even if you suffer from metal and other allergies, you can still utilize it safely. It is sterilized and packaged in tamper-evident packaging as a part of safety protocols.

  • Meticulous – The 0.5mm microneedling roller has 340 micro needles, which work in tandem to induce collagen. It is a very thorough process indeed.

  • Expert Brains – The entire skin needling system is devised by professionals who are well-versed with the process of collagen induction therapy and its associated benefits. The kit contains the Instructional DVD of our bestseller - “Holistic Micro Needling”.

  • Improved Skin – The organic serum is vegan society approved, and packed with Association certified organic green tea oil that aids in regenerating skin cells. 3 potent anti-aging herbs are also present that help to uplift tired-looking skin.

At White Lotus, we firmly believe that a delicate process of skin needling should be conducted by experts. That is why we have ensured that the micro needling roller has been given the go-ahead by specialists in this field. 


The micro needling roller ensures you don’t have to go to salons for availing anti-aging treatments. Now you can get the job done at home as the system is designed specifically for that purpose.

No harmful side effects

The special biocompatible polymer is hard enough to induce collagen induction, without damaging the skin in any way. If your skin is sensitive or you have a metal allergy, rest assured this polymer roller avoids any potential reactions.

Biopolymer rollers

These types of rollers are indeed the future of microneedling. It contains 180 micro needles and apt for those who want quick results.

Jade roller

This item was widely prevalent in China, as a sophisticated anti-aging tool. It promotes lymphatic drainage and skin firming, along with acting as a coolant for the skin. 

Organic serum

This serum contains pure Soil Association certified organic green tea oil that helps to miraculously regenerate skin cells. It is arguably the best anti-aging serum available. Use it after skin needling for a rejuvenating effect.

Loss of moisture prevented

Pure silk pillowcases form a strong moisture barrier against the skin while you sleep, which prevent wrinkles unlike those made of cotton.

Thorough cleaning

If the microneedling roller isn’t cleaned properly, it could lead to infections. That is we have included the organic facial cleanser and needle roller cleaner in this pack. The former is meant for use before skin needling, while the latter is to guarantee ensure maximum hygiene between treatments.

The company has carved a niche for itself when it comes to microneedling – we have practiced and taught micro needing around the world for a decade. The package arrives in an amazing silk-lined box, so you can present it as a gift. Please order now!

0.5mm Bio Polymer Microneedle Roller. 25mL Anti Aging serum - Soil Association Organic 100mL Organic Cleanser 50mL Colloidal Silver Dermaroller cleaner 19 Mome Oxford Style Silk Pillowcase Jade Roller in silk Lined Box

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Customer Reviews

Cool Products Review by Fabio
I am 50 and tarting to get a few lines and wrinkles, so I thought I would give this a try and I have to say these guys have nailed it. The pillowcase i amazing for your hair and skin overnight, the serum and cleanser alone have improved my face and when I add in the microneedling and jade roller, I look a few years younger after only using for a short time. It is not only the treatments but the 24 hour coverage and putting pure products on. I just got one for my partner. (Posted on 02/03/2017)