Anti Aging Micro Needling kit, metal free with Jade Roller

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 White Lotus Anti Aging Pack- Biocompatible Polymer Microneedling Roller 0.5, Green Tea Oil Organic Anti Aging Serum, and Jade Roller For Face

  • Expert Advice - This kit can be extremely useful as it is designed by holistic skin needling specialists for successful Collagen Induction Therapy. We have also included the instructional DVD that covers holistic microneedling in detail.

  • Designed Universally – People often suffer from painful allergies and rashes when their skin comes into contact with metal. That is why we have ensured that the White Lotus microneedling roller is totally metal-free and made of biocompatible polymer. The anti-aging serum contains pure camellia oil that is organic.

  • Perfect Gift – Present this to a loved one so they don’t have to invest in pricey anti-aging treatments at the salon. Your thoughtful gesture is sure to be appreciated.

  • Invigorating – The jade roller is used as an aftermath to the skin needling procedure. It essentially cools and firms the skin. Your skin tone acquires a natural radiance due to the jade roller.

  • Rigorous Standards – Your safety is of prime importance, which is why we have sterilized the roller via machine and sealed with tamper-evident packaging. It is very the first biocompatible micro needle roller available. 

The White Lotus Anti-Aging Pack contains 3 specific skin needling items – basically it has the essentials to conduct anti-aging without leaving the privacy of your home. The best part is that it can be done in just 5 minutes!


The microneedling roller lets you addresses skin problems like wrinkles, enlarged pores, sagging skin and uneven complexion. It is also hypoallergenic so those suffering from metal allergies can safely use it for their benefit. The biocompatible polymer roller contains 0.5mm micro needles, so the procedure is conducted with high precision. 

No more damage to skin

Some treatments might show temporary positive effects, but cause great underlying damage to skin, which manifests later on. The special biocompatible polymer is hard enough to induce collagen induction while ensuring there is no harm caused to your skin.

Increase production of skin cells

Did you know this organic serum is touted to be one of the top anti-aging products available? It is made using pure Soil Association certified organic green tea oil, which can regenerate skin cells. The effect is compounded by 3 potent anti-aging herbs panax ginseng extract, astragalus root and lycium Chinese fruit extract.

No unwanted reactions

The roller avoids any potential reactions to metal that can increase skin sensitivity and reactions. Those with super sensitive skin can safely use it. 


The jade facial roller has always been used by the Chinese as a powerful anti-aging beauty tool that enables lymphatic drainage and skin firming. It induces a calming feel as well.

White Lotus has long-standing experience in the field of micro needling. This kit is suitable for all skin types. Please place your order immediately.

0.5mm Bio Polymer Microneedle Roller. 25mL Anti Aging serum Jade Roller in silk Lined Box