Anti Aging Micro Needling kit, metal free with Anti Aging Serum

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 White Lotus Anti Aging Microneedling Roller Kit: Polymer Biocompatible Roller with Anti-Aging Serum, Roller Cleaner

  • No Unwanted Reactions – Since the White Lotus micro needling roller is metal-free being made with biocompatible polymer, those who suffer from metal-related allergies can safely it too.

  • Great Precision – The micro needling roller helps to remove scarring and wrinkles, which is noticeable after the very first session. The 0.5mm Polymer roller induces collagen in your skin without compromising safety.

  • Expertise – This kit has been put together by professionals well-versed with the process of micro needling and collagen induction therapy. As a bonus, we have included the instructional DVD of our bestseller book.

  • Highly Affordable – You have shell out a lot more if you wish to avail the same treatment in salons, but we have included all essentials to conduct safe and effective skin needling procedures at home for lesser costs.

  • Amazing Quality – Before the roller is deemed as “ready for sale”, it is thoroughly machine-sterilized and packaged using tamper-evident materials, so as not to compromise with quality. 

Collagen Induction Therapy is one of the pioneer anti-aging methods of today. The natural collagen content of your skin increases, thereby visibly reducing the signs of aging. This Micro Needling Roller Kit from White Lotus is designed in such a manner, that you can conduct Collagen Induction Therapy without leaving your home.

Anti-aging serum 

The organic serum is packed with anti-aging properties, and meant for applying on the face. It has green tea oil that is well-known for supporting the regeneration of skin cells. Moreover, it contains 3 active Chinese herbs, each of those having individual skin-enhancing characteristics.

100% safe

Your safety matters the most to us. The White Lotus microneedling roller is produced in accordance with the highest professional manufacturing standards – your safety remains our top priority.

Eradicates myriad of skin problems

Combats enlarged pores, sagging skin, uneven complexions and scarred skin, for less than $1 per treatment! This product is a huge saver of time and money.


This roller is touted to be the most effective in its class. The 0.5 mm version is the smallest size that increases collagen. All products are vegan society approved and organic, so the ingredients seeping into your skin are totally safe!

No toxic exposure

The microneedling roller improves absorption into the skin, but in the process it makes the cells susceptible to toxic exposure. Toxins elements will severely harm your skin, so it is crucial to prevent this from happening. That is why this kit contains a 50ml disinfecting cleaner spray to keep your roller sterile between uses. 

Detailed instructions for using the roller are provided. Order now! 

Kit contains:

  • 0.5mm White Lotus Microneedling Polymer Roller

  • 25ml Organic Anti Aging Serum

  • 50ml Derma Roller Cleaner

  • Holistic Microneedling DVD



White Lotus Polymer Dermaroller 340 * 0.5mm Microneedle roller sterilised by EO and sealed in tamper evident packaging. microneedles made from Bio Compatable Polymer Natural Derma Roller cleaner 50mL spray bottle containing 99.999% colloidal silver ions at 25ppm Organic Anti Aging serum 25mL • Organic Soil Association Approved • Vegan society Approved • Crafted in the UK Ingredients 1. Camellia sinensis oil – Green tea oil 2. Panax ginseng – Ren Shen 3. Astragalus membranaceus - Huang Qi 4. Lycium chinensis – Gou Qi Zi

Customer Reviews

Love Review by Vin
The packaging and intructions are great, really high quality products, my skin looks and feels better, would recommend (Posted on 02/03/2017)
good skin improvement Review by Ferdy
I have been using thsi for a few months and can safely say that my skin looks much better, younger and firmer. The pack is very good value and gives you everything you need to start microneedling. I am using once a fortnight and am really pleased with the results so far. (Posted on 13/02/2017)