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Jade Roller

The wonderful Jade roller may improve lymphatic drainage, microcirculation and smooth the skin. White Lotus have always been a huge fan of traditional and holistic anti aging treatments. We have promoted Jade facials to the world for many years and used them extensively in our clinics and training courses.

The Jade Roller is an ancient traditional Chinese beauty aid. They have been around for over 1000 years. There is nothing quite like the experience of feeling one glide across the skin. It feels extremely therapeutic and relaxing and is a perfect treatment to perform prior to microneedling and also in between scheduled holistic microneedling treatments.

If you want glowing beautiful skin naturally, you can look no further than this fantastic, very beautiful Jade Roller. It should be part over everyone's beauty regime.

The key features of the White Lotus Jade rollers are -

  • Luxury – 100% luxurious Jade Crystal
  • Effective – Jade rollers may increase lymphatic drainage and micro circulation
  • Cooling –  Cools the skin following skin needling
  • Quality –  The brass brackets are extra wide for extra strength while the jade is hand carved using light coloured jade, which is considered the more valuable jade in Asia.
  • Hygienic-  The Jade Roller head  is designed to be removed for thorough cleaning and sterilisation, for hygiene and convenience
  • Acupressure-  The Large Roller size applies the required pressure to activate acupressure points on the face,It also allows a faster, effective treatment

The Jade Roller is delivered in their own branded silk box in the traditional way.


EXPERT Microneedling Authority and Advisor to the Beauty Industry.

Author of International BEST SELLING Title ‘Holistic Microneedling'

The FAMOUS techniques developed in our specialist clinic and REPEATEDLY demonstrated on National TV

Jade Roller • Light coloured jade hand carved • 16cm long by 6cm wide • Extra wide brass brackets • 220 grams Silk lined box • Mulberry silk lining • White Lotus logo for quality guarantee • 18cm by 7cm by 6cm

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Customer Reviews

Blissful Feeling Review by Maggie
This just feels so great on the skin. It feels cool, glides so smoothly and effortlessly across the skin. It feels like a face massage, but better than a manual one with hands!!

It makes my skin look refreshed, tighter and it looks radiant after using it. I adore the little box it comes in, I am going to buy these as gifts for my friends, they are so special. The roller itself is an object of beauty!

The Jade Roller is very easy to use and it comes with instructions. I use the natural lotus roller cleaner to keep it hygenic.

I cannot recommend enough giving or receiving a Jade Roller Facial. I apply the anti aging serum after a treatment. My skin looks wonderful for days after. I am so pleased to find a natural anti aging treatment that really works, thank you white lotus (Posted on 06/10/2015)
Mirror Mirror..... Review by Vicky
I LOVE the white lotus Jade roller so much. It feels so lovely on the skin. My face used to look quite puffy and I CANNOT believe the difference this has made, I only use it a few times a week, while I am watching t.v. I have even found it helps with my sinusitis and to relieve my headaches! My skin looks much firmer, tauter and the complexion looks really bright and fresh.

I adore the box that it comes in and that it is easy to clean the head of the roller,you just click it out of the metal head and replace. I have brought a couple as presents for my girlfriends- the silk line box and overall quality of the roller make them really special gifts.

I cannot recommend more as an anti aging facial tool! (Posted on 05/08/2015)