Jade Gua Sha for Face and Body

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If you look in the mirror every day and are unhappy with what you are seeing: the wrinkles, the tiredness, the rings under your eyes then Gua Sha is just for you.

Gua Shas made from Jade have been used in China for thousands of years by the affluent and influential women of past dynasties.

In Imperial China, Jade was more highly valued than all precious metals at that time. Jade Gua Shas were laid in in silk lined boxes because of their rareness and economic value, as well as to protect them and guaranteed they weren't submitted to rubbing and outside influences which could harm them.

White Lotus Anti-Aging celebrates these ancient traditions by exclusively using the greatest grade of jade in its Gua Shas and seeing to it they're always kept in silk cloth for the highest protection.

The White Lotus Gua Sha is hand carved. After that, they are quality checked for the most velvety possible finish. All of our Gua Sha comes impressed with our logo as an assurance of its quality. In the remote possibility of a problem, White Lotus stands behind its products with our highly-trained English-speaking local customer service.

White Lotus Gua Sha helps to...

  • Increase circulation. The soft stroking process step-ups blood circulation and energizes acupressure points making you look years younger and healthier.
  • Refresh you. Our Jade Gua Sha stays cool to the touch even with constant use. It will tighten your pores making your skin more attractive.
  • Tone your skin. It will revitalize wearied-looking skin, stop sagging and freshen up the skin below the eyes, giving you a nice glow!

Our Gua Shas are absolutely timeless. They have been beloved by glamorous and beautiful women for the past thousand years...but only to those who know its secret curative powers.

High Quality Assured: We use 100% of the maximum grade fine jade crystal in our gua shas kept in the time-honored silk lined box.

While often identified as a scraping tool, the Jade Gua Sha is a great deal more than that. Jade was traditionally applied on the face to help lessen the signs of the skin maturing. With a bit of understanding it can be used to strengthen and elevate the skin on the face, smooth out bags and wrinkles under the eyes, and energize an assortment of acupressure points to improve the appearance and lessen pain where necessary.

All of our products come with full directions and additional information to help you take full advantage of your new product. More info is also available on our internet site or by our committed team through email.

In the beginning, they were fashioned for constant use by therapists so this product is solid enough and strong enough to put up with intense salon usage which makes it unbelievably durable at home.

Made by White Lotus this product can be applied to the face or the body by both therapists, healers and customers who wish to make the most of their skin and their wellness. And of course, it makes a great gift for your family or friends.

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Customer Reviews

Skin Scraping Review by Tracie
Well I guess i had never heard of it before and I tried it as I fell in love with the jade roller.... It is amazing, so stimulating, gentle and it really firms the skin. I love the stimulation and sensation. You can truly see a difference after use it. The peice of jade is very ornate and nicely carved- also love the box. (Posted on 13/12/2017)
Great Product Review by Lily
Beautiful Product and love the box. Comes with the White Lotus signature on it so I knew it was genuine. Used it once and it is very smooth and feels great on the skin. Definitely worth buying. (Posted on 01/08/2016)