Deluxe Micro Needling Hair loss and Hair Regrowth Kit

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 Natural Hair Restoration

The Deluxe Hair Pack is the ultimate starter kit to start Hair Restoration immediately in the comfort of your home, if you are looking to assist hair loss look no further. Microneedling dramatically increases blood flow to the scalp and increases absorption of the hair loss spray by up to 10,000 times in a single use assisting new hair follicle growth (1). Microneedling has been shown in scientifica trials to be able to increase hair restoration on the scalp in cases of androgenetic alopecia (2).

The hair restoration spray contains many traditional ingredients used to assist hair restoration. One of these ingredients ginseng has been shown to reduce estosterone 5a-Reductase a leading cause of hair loss (3).

New hair growth can be seen rapidly. The Silk Pillowcases are available in Pearl Grey. The pack also comes with a cleaner to keep the 1mm stamp hygenic in between treatments.

A 1mm derma stamp is recommended for long hair and more severe balding/ hair loss patches. A Roller is not recommended because it pulls out hair and damags the axel of rollers, making them unusable..
This Divine Pack arrives with:
  • 1mm Dermastamp- This is the best method of treating hair loss.

  • Hair Restoration Spray 100ml- This Organic, vegan society formulation contains 5 key chinese herbs used traditionally and effectively for hair restoration.

  • Hair Loss Pillowcase- This pure silk pillowcase will prevent hair from being pulled out overnight unlike cotton, no more shedded hair in the morning

  • Our All natural antibacterial spray 50ml- to keep your dermastamp clean in between treatments.

  • The Pack has been designed by micronneedling experts and used on real people, to get great results in the privacy of your home.


Research shows that: 

82% of patients with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) reported more than a 50% improvement after using microneedling for 12 weeks (2).

What are you waiting for? Start your holistic microneedling hair loss cure program today!


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1. Henry, S. McAllister, D.V. Allen, M.G. Prausnitz, M.R. (1998). Microfabricated microneedles: a novel approach to transdermal drug delivery. J Pharm Sci. Aug87(8), 922-925. Orentreich, D.S. Orentreich, N. (1995). Subcutaneous incisionless (subcision) surgery for the correction of depressed scars and wrinkles. Dermatol Surg. Jun21(6). 543-549.

2. Dhurat R, Sukesh M S, Avhad G, Dandale A, Pal A, Pund P. A randomized evaluator blinded study of effect of microneedling in androgenetic alopecia: A pilot study. Int J Trichol 2013;5:6-11

3. Murata, K., Takeshita, F., Samukawa, K., Tani, T. & Matsuda, H. (2011). Effects of Ginseng Rhizome and Ginsenoside Ro on Testosterone 5a-Reductase and Hair Re-growth in Testosterone- treated Mice. Phytother Res. Jan 26(1), 48-53. 

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Customer Reviews

No More Hair Loss Review by Tasha
I had thinning hair after a period of stress and insomnia. I felt at a loss as to what to do and discovered white lotus. From the moment I started using this ingeniuos pack my skin and hair started to improve. To no loger find hair on my pillow in the morning, was an instant improvement even when I was not looking for such immediate results. My hair also started to improve in colour and texture, not appearing as brittle and damaged. I have now used this for 16 weeks and have lots of new hair growing and very little vanishing into my hair brush. It has been a refershing experience using healthy products that support me and make me feel better. I have now starting to explore the white lotus product range as i am so impressed with what they can do! (Posted on 01/12/2015)
Post partum hair loss Review by Trish
I lost a lot of hair after the birth of my second daughter. I was seeing large amounts of hair in the shower every day and more on the pillow which was causing me a lot of distress. I used this for a few weeks before I started seeing good results and then the results just continued. Now the hair loss has stopped and I am feeling a lot more relaxed and happier. The skin needling was what really seemed to achieve results but the pillow case was a real bonus. No longer seeing hair on the pillow every morning really helped my confidence during the process. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who is suffering post partum hair loss like I was. (Posted on 15/11/2015)
Awesome Product Review by Heather
I brought this for y husband as he was getting a little uncomfortable about his hair thinning. I did not think he would use it. He surprised me and started using it every single day! His hair started growing thicker and new hair growth appeared around week 6-8. He has continued using it for 5 months now and is very happy with the results. The products themselves are very easy to use(otherwise he would not bother!). They came with clear instructions and are extremely good quality. He also loved the silk pillowcase- not waking up to hair on his pillow- a depressing way to start the day! I of course had to get one for me, otherwise our pillows would not match!!! (Posted on 29/07/2015)