Microneedling Polymer Roller

The microneedling polymer roller can help you in decreasing stretch marks, and in treating acne scars and anti-aging, as well as in treating hair loss. The result of the treatment? Flawless skin! Let’s take a look at what the microneedling polymer roller can do for you!

microneedling biopolymer roller

What Is a Microneedling Polymer Roller?

This treatment sees hundreds of tiny needles from the roller stimulating the skin’s surface. As the roller is moved across the skin, the affected areas, the needles create a formation of tiny injuries across the skin. To heal those injuries, your skin begins producing excessive collagen. Essentially, the microneedling polymer roller boosts the skin’s collagen production. The result is skin that automatically looks plumper in the area that was treated. This helps in filling the scars, as well as in erasing wrinkles and fine lines. 

The poking action from the needle also improves the skin’s blood circulation, leaving you with glowing skin. The microneedling polymer roller also opens the skin’s pores, which make your skin more receptive to any product that you use on it. 

How Is It Used?

On the surface of the microneedling polymer roller are hundreds of needles. There are two types. One has needles the length of .5mm, and has 340 needles, while the 1mm length option has 180 needles. 

If you are looking to use your microneedling polymer roller to treat mild scarring from chicken pox, light acne scars, mild anti-aging treatment, or thinning hair- you should opt for the .5mm option. While, the 1mm length is perfect for surgery scars, stretch marks, deep acne scars, as well as cellulite. 

Choose the needle size that is most suited to your needs, and you can begin treatment by rolling the microneedling polymer roller over the affected area. 

You should only apply the amount of pressure required, if you press too hard it can be painful. It will also take more time for the tiny injuries to heal if you apply too much pressure. The skin will require time to heal, so it should only be used once or twice every week. 

How Efficient Is It?

The microneedling polymer roller has had rave reviews, and the Lotus roller is a top-quality product. It is beneficial for acne scars, treating cellulite marks, as well as in treating thinning hair and preventing the effects of aging. You should expect results within a few weeks. 

Is it safe? While rolling hundreds of tiny needles across your face may be painful, you need to be rather tolerant to pain. Additionally, there are a few risks, too. If you fail to sterilize the needles that you increase your chance of infection. So, after every use, you should sterilize the needles. Ensure that you always follow the directions to achieve the best results. Low quality microneedling polymer roller can damage your skin, which is why it is so vital that you opt for a high-quality product like the Lotus dermaroller. 

Before you get started, do a small patch test to check how your skin will respond to the treatment. If your skin regularly breaks out or your skin is hyperactive, you should avoid using a microneedling polymer roller, because pimple bacteria can spread, causing damage. 



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