Rose Quartz Comb For The Ultimate Crystal Combing Experience

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Want to feel luxurious every single day? The Rose Quartz Comb for the Ultimate Crystal Combing Experiencewill bring the age old luxury tradition of the East to your modern lifestyle and daily beauty ritual.

The luxurious crystal comb has traditionally been seen as a status system of the rich and powerful in many ancient cultures. Give yourself a wonderful daily ritual, giving your hair the luxury treatment with the beautiful Rose Quartz Comb as part of your daily grooming routine

White Lotus has been producing luxury crystal beauty products for over two decades and is now proud to release their luxury Rose Quartz Comb. Rose Quartz crystal is an item of sheer beauty. It’s surface is super smooth and tactile, giving you an exquisite experience as it seamlessly flows through your hair.

Special features include:

Rose Quartz is regarded as the crystal of love and spirituality. It’s been used in may ancient civilisations around the world, including that of ancient Egypt, sought out for its energetic properties. Chemical treatment is avoided and the item is carved by true artisans.

The Rose Quartz Comb has been designed in the shape of the ancient Chinese Jade Gua Sha comb, a symbol of nobility in ancient China. in traditional Chinese medicine, it’s believed that the use of pure jade crystal on the scalp stimulates specific acupressure points, giving both lush hair and improving your inner health.

Not only does the Gua Sha comb enhance the essence of your hair, but activates the 12 acupuncture channels and meridians in your scalp according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Additional features of this product:

The Rose Quartz Comb comes in a White Lotus signature silk lined gift box, making this beautiful item the perfect gift for a loved one, or for treating yourself.