Stretch Marks

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Skin Needling Stretch Marks

White Lotus Anti Aging supplies you with effective organic products to effectively assist stretch marks. We employ the technology of micro needling to naturally break up the misaligned collagen fibres and create a new smoother collagen layer in the skin. Skin needling stretch marks is very popular in clinics around the world at present due to the impressive results it can produce.

White Lotus products are designed for therapists and can be used very effectively as a stretch mark removal home remedy. Home remedies for stretch marks that work are unusual and White Lotus is proud to be able to bring you their home use stretch mark pack.
The White Lotus pack can be used on a variety of different stretch marks. Both white stretch marks and red stretch marks can benefit from these products. The stretch marks assisted also does not have to be limited to the thighs and abdomen they can also be used to aid stretch marks on breasts or breast stretch marks.

A common question is what causes stretch marks? As the name suggest stretch marks are caused by the skin stretching and then eventually tearing. This tearing upsets the normal production of collagen in the area. The micro needling in conjunction with the organic stretch mark serum creates a new layer of collagen in the area so assisting normal collagen production. This allows you to benefit their appearance directly rather than having to wonder how to hide stretch marks!

The White Lotus packs come with full instructions on how to apply the unique White Lotus techniques to your stretch marks and if you are interested in more in depth philosophy of the treatments and the research you can also purchase the book Holistic Microneelding’.