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It’s no secret that privileged Chinese women of the old Dynasties had beautiful skin. Jade rollers were the beauty tools of Chinese empresses to keep their faces and skin satiny and young. Today you are able to experience this established remedy of the past using natural stone to achieve those equal results. Even today, people following traditional Chinese medicine think that china jade’s cooling down effect facilitates sinus pain relief and reduces puffy eyes.

If you would like to have the attractive face of an emperor’s daughter or wife, use the Intensive Massage Jade Roller softly across your face. It livens up, calms and arouses your skin. This is nature’s Botox alternative! The roller assists in keeping your skin supple. It also reduces wrinkles. It regenerates a youthful appearance. And the Intensive Massage Jade Roller can not only be used for making and keeping your skin beautiful, you are able to also alleviate headaches and strain from the cooling effect jade has on your eyes and temples.

Buy now, you understand how our Jade Roller has helped women look amazing. Here's what will happen once YOU get your White Lotus Intensive Jade Roller:

* Increased circulation -  Effective stimulation without negative effects to the skin  increases healthy blood circulation

* Increased stimulation.  Trigger your skin’s natural radiance with this enlivening massage

* Increased Toning.  If you have tired-looking skin you can revitalize it and reduce sagging

* It’s timeless. Jade rollers have been loved by glamorous and empowered women from thousands of years ago until even today

* It’s top quality. 100% of the highest grade pure jade Crystal in the Traditional Silk lined box

In ancient China, Jade was more extremely treasured than gold. Jade Rollers were put in in silk lined boxes due to their rareness and value as well as protecting them and guaranteeing they weren't subjugated to outside influences which could harm them.

White Lotus Anti-Aging continues these traditions by utilizing only top grade jade in our Jade Rollers and we guarantee they are always stored in silk for supreme protection.

The intense massage Jade roller can be applied to provide strong stimulation to the face to invigorate the skin by itself... or as part of a wider beauty treatment plan.

They're also solid enough to be applied effectively on the thighs to help remove cellulite by stimulating the blood flow to the area. They're perfect to use before skin needling because of this stimulating effect.

All of our products come with full operating instructions. You can also find additional information to assist you to get the most advantage out of our products by visiting our websites or by contacting our devoted team via email.

This product was originally designed for therapists. It is solid enough to tolerate intense salon use which makes it incredibly long lasting at home. Brass is employed for the handles as this was traditionally considered to ensure a good flow of energy along the roller. The roller head is constructed so that it can come off and be reinserted for more exhaustive cleaning if needed.

Each box comes with our logo imprinted on it as a guarantee of its superiority. In the unlikely event of a problem, White Lotus stands behind its products with our courteous and kind English-speaking locally based customer service who are always available to help.

Made by White Lotus, this product can be used on the face or the body by both therapists and home users who wish to make the most of their own (or their clients') skin and health.

The White Lotus Intensive Massage Jade Roller is considered to be one of the finest jade rollers available. Experience its amazing effects today!

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Customer Reviews

An Oriental Treasure Review by Denise
This is the best to revitalize your face or any other body part, for that matter. A true beauty tool, as it breaks up adhesions/stagnation that interfere with beauty and health. Love, love, love it! (Posted on 17/08/2017)