Anti Aging Micro Needling Serum kit (Stretch Marks and Cellulite Serum, Anti Aging Serum, Scar Serum included)

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Organic Microneedling Serum Pack

Research is proving conclusively that green tea is good for skin. The 3 serums included in this pack are all produced in Organic green tea oil or tea oil for short. Green tea healthy skin the two are synonymous in Asia and the link is now being recognised in the west as we learn more about green tea.

This serum pack includes 3 of White Lotus's targeted organic serums. More details of the 100% natural ingredients can be seen in the technical specifications

Certified Ingredients - The serum is approved by the Vegan society, is not tested on animals and soil association approved organic being composed of 100% organic ingredients.

Targeted to microneedling - Green tea is ideal to use with microneedling as it moisturises the skin, decreases inflammation and reduces photosensitivity following a treatment (1,2). Many microneedling creams actually make all these conditions worse.

Ideal natural beauty treatment - It is also an ideal stand alone beauty treatment and an excellent substitute for other moisturisers. Being oil it can moisturise in a deeper way than water based creams but unlike other oils research has shown it can actually reduce acne (3).



EXPERT Microneedling Authority and Advisor to the Beauty Industry.

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1. Katiyar, S. K. (2003). Skin photoprotection by green tea: antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects. Curr Drug Targets Immune Endocr Metabol Disord. Sep. 3(3), 234-42. 55

2. Elmets, C. A., Singh, D., Tubesing, K., Matsui, M., Katiyar, S. & Mukhtar, H. (2001). Cutaneous photoprotection from ultraviolet injury by green tea polyphenols. J Am Acad Dermatol. Mar, 44(3), 425-432. 

3. Elsaie, M. L., Abdelhamid, M. F., Elsaaiee, L. T. & Emam, H. M. (2009). The ef cacy of topical 2% green tea lotion in mild-to- moderate acne vulgaris. J Drugs Dermatol. Apr, 8(4), 358-364. 

All White Lotus serums are organic and approved by the Vegan society. The serum pack contains 3 of White Lotus best serums. 25mL Organic Anti Aging serum 100% soil association approved organic Composed of 3 natural anti aging herbs infused in Green tea oil (Camellia oil) Astragalus membranaceus - Huang Qi: Effective at lifting skin Lycium chinensis - Gou Qi Zi: A potent anti-oxidant Panax ginseng - Ren Shen: Famously known as an Energy tonic and adaptogenic herb. 25mL Organic Scar serum Composed of 4 natural scar reduction herbs infused in Green tea oil (Camellia oil) Panax notoginseng - San Qi: Effective at circulating blood and preventing bleeding Commiphora molmol - Mo Yao: The third circulation promoting herb Carthimus tinctorius - Hong Hua: Important for increasing microcirculation to the area it is applied Olibannum gummi - Ru Xiang : Almost always used with Mo Yao, also known as Frankincense 25mL Organic Stretch Mark and cellulite serum Composed of 5 natural anti aging herbs infused in Green tea oil (Camellia oil) Psoralea corylifolia Fruit - Bu Gu Zhi Cinnamom cassia Bark - Rou Gui Panax notoginseng - San Qi Lycopi Lucidi Herba - Ze Lan Rheum Palmatum Root - Da Huang Produced in the UK
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Customer Reviews

Can't Live without them Review by Fiona
This serum range is pure class, it makes my skin look stunning. I love microneedling and use these after needling as well as daily - my skin just laps it up.. I honestly can't believe people still buy moisturisers- they are such a waste of money in comparison to this product range. Also I love the fact that they are organic and they still work wonders!!! (Posted on 15/10/2015)
Best Organic Serums Review by Elaine
I use all three serums now to prevent future skin problems and keep my skin in great shape. My skin is so healthy and looks vibrant. I regularly combine with microneedling as well. my skin is looking better than ever, I adore these serums, thanks (Posted on 14/07/2015)