Unisex Relaxed Silk Beanie - for Hair Loss

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 Natural Hair Restoration/ Reduces Frizz/ Split Ends /Save Money on Pricey Treatments

  • Reduce hair loss – Unlike cotton, there is no friction with silk so it doesn’t tear the hair out when you hair it. No longer do you need to worry about hat hair. It is perfect for those suffering from alopecia.
  • Less frizzy hair – Since there is no friction, the silk proteins stick to the hair keratin to straighten and strengthen hair. Say goodbye to split ends and frizzy hair. (1)
  • Lessen dryness – Silk has the ability to form a barrier, which prevents loss of moisture from scalp and follicles. Thus it prevents excessively dry scalps and damaged hair.
  • Prevent odors – Silk is well-known for its anti-bacterial properties, and it also prevents mould and fungal growth, which is ideal for reducing unpleasant odors due to sweating.
  • Soothing effect – This beanie imparts a healing effect on irritated scalp and reduces the need to constantly itch or scratch it. (2)

The White Lotus Silk beanie is primarily designed for men, but can be used by women too. Silk is a breathable fabric so silk beanies can reduce sweating as well as reducing the bacteria and fungus that cause odors.

Treats scalp conditions

It is aptly suited for those who suffer from excessive sweating and odor, irritation on the scalp, thinning hair, dry scalp, and similar conditions. It also eliminates the needs for costly treatments for reducing frizzy hair.

Retains moisture

The beanie is equipped with a special lining with friction-free characteristics that prevents hat hair. Silk essentially forms a natural moisture barrier, which doesn’t allow the moisture content to be lost easily.

Top quality

Made with the finest of thick 19 mome silk and acryllic shell,, the White Lotus Silk lined beanie has enhanced durability and strength so it won’t get torn or ripped for a long time.

Available in a variety of colors, it comes without a logo and looks just like any other beanie, so those who prefer discretion don’t need to feel self-conscious at all. Please place your order right away.


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