Scars Micro Needling Serum 25ml

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Organic Scar serum 25mL

This organic serum is ideal for assisting microneedling to reduce the visible appearance of scars. The connection between green tea and the skin has long been understood in Asia where it forms part of many beauty routines. The green tea oil is far more effective than a green tea cream as it is all active ingredients rather than the small amount added to water based creams. In addition to assisting scars there is a strong link between the reduction of acne and green tea which makes this serum an excellent product for those suffering acne.

Certified Ingredients - The serum is approved by the Vegan society, is not tested on animals and soil association approved organic being composed of 100% organic ingredients.

Targeted to microneedling - Green tea oil is ideal to use with microneedling as it moisturises the skin, decreases inflammation and reduces photosensitivity following a treatment. Many microneedling creams actually make all these conditions worse.

Ideal natural beauty treatment - It is also an ideal stand alone beauty treatment and an excellent substitute for other moisturisers. Being oil it can moisturise in a deeper way than water based creams but unlike other oils research has shown it can actually reduce acne.


EXPERT Microneedling Authority and Advisor to the Beauty Industry.

Author of International BEST SELLING Title ‘Holistic Microneedling'

The FAMOUS techniques developed in our specialist clinic and REPEATEDLY demonstrated on National TV

25mL Organic Scar serum Composed of 4 natural scar reduction herbs infused in Green tea oil (Camellia oil) Panax notoginseng - San Qi: Effective at circulating blood and preventing bleeding Commiphora molmol - Mo Yao: The third circulation promoting herb Carthimus tinctorius - Hong Hua: Important for increasing microcirculation to the area it is applied Olibannum gummi - Ru Xiang : Almost always used with Mo Yao, also known as Frankincense
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Customer Reviews

Anti Aging Genius Review by Melanie
This is quite simply the best serum I have used. I have got seriously great results from continually using this for several years. I use it by itself and with the lotus roller microneedling roller. I look at least 10 years younger than I should and it is all thanks to this magic serum. I like using the roller to increase the absorption of it into my skin. You can see the difference straight away. If you are serious about hanging your skin, this is magic (Posted on 01/01/2016)
Bye Bye Ugly Scars- Best Organic Scar Serum Ever Review by Mandy
I had lots of acne scars from my youth on my face and upper back. I have been using this for only a few weeks and they are already fading dramatically! Not just that , but my skin is looking lovely, it used to be a little oily and dry ( I have combination skin). I have always been afraid of moisturising because of causing more breakouts and then of course-- acne scarring... the cycle was endless. But I have now broken it! My skin has definately changed on a deep level. I have recently started using the derma roller kit, because finally I can just focus on anti aging and wrinkle prevention, instead of acne/oilyness and scarring. Thank goodness for white lotus anti aging

(Posted on 28/09/2015)
I have been devoted to this product for 4 years! Review by fiona
I keep using it daily and doing my microneedling treatments once a fortnight and my skin just keeps on looking better! I thought it my skin would stop responding after 3-6 months like so many other products and treatments, but white lotus really know their anti aging science and I consistently get comments from my friend over the years that I look younger........... (Posted on 26/05/2015)