Micro Needle Roller, hypoallergenic – metal free for sensitive skin

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 World's First Biocompatible Polymer Roller Bio Polymer Microneedling To Avoid Metal Allergy / Promotes Holistic Micro Needling

  • Sturdy – There are several types of microneedling rollers available, but the needles are of poor quality and tend to fall out after just a few weeks. At White Lotus, we guarantee this won’t happen as the micro needles in this system never fall out.

  • Metal-Free – The microneedling roller system is free from nickel and other metals, which could lead to allergic reactions like rashes and itching. Nickel is often found in varying proportions in standard micro needles and can be hazardous to many users.

  • Top Quality – The roller has been sterilized by machine and sealed with tamper evident packaging. This is done to ensure you get only the best!

  • Worth the Cost – You know that you are getting true value for money, while using products conceptualized by experts. The writers of the international bestseller – “Holistic Microneedling”, have devised this system.

  • Super Effective – The micro needling rollers can boost collagen production up to almost 1000! Sounds great, right? Moreover, this feat is accomplished in a single treatment session.

This is the world’s medical skin needling roller made with biocompatible polymer, so we have invested enormous time and effort into it. We have, and continue to set a trend when it comes to natural approaches to microneedling over last 10 years. We have been repeatedly featured on National TV and have a bestseller to our credit as well.


To enhance longevity the microneedle roller is put in a special plastic case. This ensures that the micro needles located at the head aren’t damaged and stay sharp and effective.


The microneedling roller can be purchased in 3 versions –  0.25mm, 0.5mm and 1.0 mm.  The 0.25mm has 180 needles and is best for product absorption as it does not induce collagen.The 0.5mm has 340 micro needles and primarily designed for facial anti-aging, while the latter contains 180 micro needles, and targets scarring, stretch marks, cellulite, more intense anti-aging signs and hair restoration.

More stable

We create the microneedles in a single mould for better strength as well as stability. The skin needling biocompatible roller not only increases the natural collagen content of the skin, but also enhances absorption of products through the skin by up to 10,000 times.

Very thorough

The White Lotus Anti Aging polymer micro needle skin roller is meticulously sterilized and inspected. It goes through rigorous quality checks too.

No allergies

The microneedling biopolymer roller is gentle on the skin, and doesn’t cause underlying damage. It is risk-free for those allergic to nickel or other metals. Since the roller is hypoallergenic, so you can safely utilize it from home.

Grab this wonderful offer right away – it is one of the best purchases you will make. Get ready to order!


Needles made from Biocompatible Polymer 0.25mm needle length contains 180 needles 0.5mm needle length contains 340 microneedles 1.0mm needle length contains 180 microneedles Machine-sterilized using EO and then packed in tamper-evident packaging for your safety

Customer Reviews

Well made Review by Ryan
This is a really well made product, well packaged and easy to use. It is much nicer to use than metal rollers, even in the 1.00mm size, I am pleased with my purchase and its benefits to my skin are great- even in the early days of using (Posted on 14/02/2017)