Anti Aging Aftershave Alcohol Free with Pure Natural Oils

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For the man who wants to depart from the traditionally heavy, musky scents available to men, Aftershave No. 2 by White Lotus Anti Aging is the ideal fragrance for you. The lavender, mandarin orange, mint, caraway and anise; middle notes are coriander and brazilian rosewood; base notes are labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss create a clean, fresh scent that still smells masculine, but removes much of the standard spice that is in regular aftershaves. Our scent can be worn every day as a work fragrance or for special occasions when you want to make your presence known in a unique and stylish way.

Alcohol Free for younger skin!

Free of any alcohol for younger skin - doesn't dry out and age your skin like alcohol does. Natural perfume oils for men to soothe dry inflamed skin after shaving quite unlike bases made with alcohol. 

An invigorating aromatic scent that soothes and protects the skin after you shave!

Hypoallergenic and solvent free ... Proven safe over 1,000s of years

Durable - because this cologne is pure natural fragrances, a little goes much further than cheap alcohol bases that evaporate.

An reinvigorating aromatic scent ideal for the man who knows what he wants. The absolute majority of most aftershaves are cheap ethanol or other solvents. Just a tiny amount of the costlier perfume oils or attar oils that supply the scent are used. The alcohol has a misleading effect. It evaporates very quickly giving you the belief of a far stronger fragrance in the first few minutes. This promptly wears off along with the fragrance.

Natural perfume oil for men on the other hand lasts many hours when applied to the skin. Also as it's undiluted perfume oils you only need to apply a bit at one time making it very long lasting and economical.

Ideal for long days and longer nights!

Your partner will love it. No longer will you have 10 minutes of overbearing smell followed by nothing for the rest of the night!

This cologne or aftershave is 100% alcohol free making it perfect if you suffer razor burn after shaving or other forms of skin irritation. Completely hypoallergenic it's ideal for those who have sensitive skin.

Alcohol dries the skin accelerating the signs of ageing. This face oil for men actually nutrifies the skin to make it a true aftershave tonic.

Natural perfume oils have been used for millennia in the middle east and Asia as natural after-shaves. Nearly all modern aftershaves lotions are based on the unique mixes of natural fragrances formulated over the centuries.

If you like the style of Cartier cologne, you will find this all natural aftershave ideal.

Vegan Society Approved

Top notes are lavender, mandarin orange, mint, caraway and anise; middle notes are coriander and brazilian rosewood; base notes are labdanum, sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss 40mL Pump Spray Bottle Alcohol and solvent free - Pure attar oils - Vegan society approved

Customer Reviews

Its good Review by Mike
I bought this product because I like the concept of an alcohol free aftershave that does not damage the skin. I was a bit concerned at first as I had been told when I was younger that you need alcohol to close the pores after shaving. I bought this to try and see. It arrived well presented and in good condition. There is a metal spray bottle around the glass bottle inside so I assume it is fairly robust for transport. The spray bottle worked well and seems strong. This is good addition as I have seen the oils they use for aftershave in the middle east and the application bottles are inconvenient and to be honest very feminine so this one works well. The oil is basically clear. I used 2 pumps of the spray and then wiped or splashed this across my face following the instructions. The smell is good. I have used some cartier cologne in the past and it is similar as the description suggest. This was important to me as I wanted to make sure it smelled like a main stream aftershave and not like a herbal essential oil or something similar. One of the main claims for this product is that t will last longer than alcohol based products. I have tested it a couple of times now and I will say I really think it does so this is a big bonus. Does it work for anti aging? Too soon and to subjective to tell at this stage. In theory not applying alcohol to the skin will definetly help in the long run so that is reason enough to keep using it. One final point my girl friend loved the smell so it seems to have ticked all the boxes. (Posted on 01/08/2016)