Alcohol Free Perfume with Pure Natural Oils for Younger Women

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White Lotus has accomplished something rare and captivating with their signature scent for women. Unlike most natural perfumes for women, it’s alcohol free and not over-powering. It’s faint and clean with evocations of a white floral garden.

If you’ve never worn a perfume that's gotten many compliments—it’s almost always described by people as "clean" and "floral"—then this scent is for you. Parfum No.3 is devoid of anything heavy or obtrusive whereas most perfumes tend to SCREAM for attention. this one gently whispers. You and your partner will only catch a glimpse of it from time to time. 

White Lotus Anti Aging Perfume No.3 is alcohol free to keep your skin younger. It contains natural perfume oils for women to nourish your skin...unlike drying alcohol and it’s hypoallergenic and solvent free. PERFECT for sensitive skin that reacts to alcohol.

These intoxicating aromas have been adorning the rich and powerful queens and princesses from the Far East for many a millennia!

Our products last a long time. This is because we use 100% attar oils in our products that lasts many hours unlike quickly evaporating alcohol-based fragrances.

Are you a younger, fun-loving woman? Then you will absolutely adore this fruity and white floral scent. And remember: It’s alcohol free for younger skin!

This natural parfum is designed to provide all the natural fragrance and allure of the best perfumes in the world without the inflated price to your wallet and the cost to your skin due to alcohol and solvent based products.

The White Lotus Anti-Aging Parfum No.3 is made with pure natural perfume oils for women. There are no additional additives, solvents, alcohol or stabilizers.

This makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin prone to irritation and inflammation. It is also perfect for women who simply worry about the dehydrating and aging effect of alcohol-based products on their skin.

The perfume oils also act as natural face oils to slow down and remove wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and forehead and other signs of aging. Our product deeply nourishes and protects the skin. The more you try to compare this perfume, the more you realize it's in a world class by itself!

Our alcohol-free eau de toilette uses only the highest quality attar oils. These are the base oils that are used to create the natural fragrances in modern mass produced perfumes. Usually, when you buy an off-the-rack perfume today most of what you buy is cheap ethyl alcohol. The White Lotus range is 100% pure perfume oils. This means a little goes a lot further.

Normally with alcohol-based products the evaporation of the alcohol over the first few minutes creates the illusion of a strong fragrance which unfortunately does not last. In contrast White Lotus Anti-Aging Parfum No. 3 lasts many hours creating a subtle and alluring fragrance as it absorbed into the skin.

We don’t use essential oils in our products. Why not? Because they are obtained through high-temperature steam that damages much of the subtle fragrances. Our products only use perfume oils (also known as “attar oils” in the business.)

This all-natural alcohol perfume spray is created with a fruity and white floral scent and is ideal for those who like perfumes in the style of J’ADore. Perfume No.3 will make the perfect gift to pamper yourself or for your partner or family member!

Vegan Society Approved

Alcohol and solvent free. Pure Attar oils - Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, plum, middle notes champaca flower, ivy leaves, jasmine sambac, Turkish rose, violet, orchid, blackberry - 40mL Pump spray bottle - Vegan Society Approved

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