White Lotus Stretch Mark and Cellulite Massager Pack -Combat Signs of Aging/ 100% Safe /Extremely Effective/ Compiled by Experts

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  • Potent Stimulation – The acupressure jade roller is designed to massage and get rid of cellulite.

It begins by boosting microcirculation and eventually breaks up old and misaligned collagen

  • Organic – You don’t have to bother about unwanted side effects as the Stretch Mark and

Cellulite serum is suitable for all types of skin because it is hypoallergenic. Moreover, it is made
using organic components like green tea oil and herbs. For further peace of mind, it is certified
by The Vegan Society for your safety.

  • Superb Quality – The entire roller jade is made with pure, light coloured jade of the highest

quality. It is hand made too!

  • Great Gift – The jade roller set arrives in a beautiful box that is magnificently lined with silk. It

gives an elegant look to the whole package, so you can easily present it to loved ones. They will
be immensely pleased with the results for sure!

  • Bonus DVD – A 37-minute long instructional DVD is included with the jade roller set. The author

of Holistic Micro Needling, Anthony Kingston is featured in the video, where he imparts
information and methods from his 20-year experience in the beauty industry. Get to know more
about the jade roller, gua sha, and cupping as a facial massage and for the body to eliminate
stretch marks and cellulite.
White Lotus always provides products of top quality that can be safely used by everyone. Check
out the Jade Roller Stretch Marks and Anti Cellulite Massager Pack!
Best Materials
The White Lotus jade roller is crafted by hand using traditional models with pure, light coloured
jade. Unlike cheaper models, the brackets are made of thick brass instead of wire. Brass is said
to be a better energy conductor. This roller was used by wealthy Chinese women long back and
was a crucial part of their beauty regimen.
Organic Serum
The serum is a mixture of green tea oil and herbs, which are organically sourced. Camellia
Sinensis or green tea does an excellent job of regenerating skin cells, thus helping to fight signs
of aging.
The skin is lifted during cupping massage by using principles of suction, which improves
circulation. The tool is made with silicon and works great with the jade roller. It is strongly
indicated that cupping leads to breaking of old, tight connective tissue that causes skin dimpling
in cellulite.

Designed by Experts
This kit is the brainchild of White Lotus Anti Aging specialists, who are well-versed in Eastern anti
aging techniques. They are also responsible for the top selling book regarding micro needling.
So what are you waiting for? Place your order without further delay. The silk-lined box
containing the jade roller set can be used for storage purposes as well.