Hair loss

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Micro Needling for Hair Restoration

White Lotus are specialists in natural hair restoration. We provide products for both clinics, therapist and those interested in hair restoration home remedies. Home remedies for hair restoration is increasingly important as more and more people would rather assist their hair in the privacy of their own home.

Micro needling for hair loss is rapidly gaining in popularity. This has a dual effect. It can dramatically increase the absorption of hair sprays and restoration products used in conjunction with the micro needling. It can also directly influence the chemical signalling on the scalp to improve hair follicle width and strength (1). It is combined with the White Lotus Hair Restoration spray. This is a unique combination of herbs that has been used in China for thousands of years to effectively assist hair loss. Many of the ingredients such as ginseng are now gaining scientific evidence of this effectiveness (2).

These main stay treatments can be combined with other products to assist the treatments such as the silk pillow case which prevents hair being ripped out by the pillow case overnight.

The hair restoration products can be used to assist sudden, male pattern baldness and postpartum hair loss otherwise known as hair loss after pregnancy.

White Lotus also provides a variety of articles on hair restoration help and talk to help people keep abreast of changes in available hair restoration treatments.


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