Pure Jade Luxury Crystal Comb for Silky Soft Hair

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Get your hands on the perfect luxury addition to your beauty cabinet.

The Pure Jade Luxury Crystal Comb for Silky Soft Hair is a piece of original artwork anda thing of exquisite beauty that will leave your hair feeling and looking lovely and silky.

Many prestigious men and women from the ancient lineage of emperors would use jade combs as a symbol of wealth, power and prestige.

Give yourself a wonderful daily ritual, giving your hair the luxury treatment with the beautiful jade crystal comb as part of your daily grooming routine

White Lotus has been producing luxury jade crystal beauty products for over two decadesand is now proud to release their Luxury Jade Crystal Comb.

Often referred to as a Gua Sha comb, the jade comb no only untangles and enhances the beauty of your hair, but activates the 12 acupuncture channels and meridians in your scalp according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Special features include:

Only the finest pure jade stones are hand selected. No chemical treatment is used, as the combs are hand-crafted by experienced artisans.

Due to the hand-crafting process used, no two items are the same – your Jade Comb is a unique item of bespoke luxury.

In China, jade is regarded as the ‘queen of stones,’ and in traditional Chinese medicine, it’s believed that the use of pure jade crystal on the scalp stimulates specific acupressure points, giving both lush hair and improving your inner health.

Additional features of this product:

The Jade Comb comes in a White Lotus signature silk lined gift box. Jade has always been kept in pure white silk boxes by the many prestigious individuals of ancient China. The elegant luxury silk box makes this beautiful item the perfect gift to give to a loved one, or for treating yourself.