Natural Microneedle Roller Cleaner

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Natural Lotus Roller Cleaner / Derma stamp Cleaner

White Lotus is proud to introduce the first all-natural Lotus roller cleaner. It kills 99.9% of bacteria safely and easily at home (1).

The unique cleaner uses 99.999% colloidal silver suspended in distilled water and is 25ppm.

The natural silver ions have been used for over a century to disinfect equipment and kill bacteria.

Silver ions are still used in hospitals today on bandages used to dress wounds to avoid infections (2). They have also been used to disinfect surgical equipment.

The cleaner can be used to disinfect skin needling equipment such as the Lotus Roller, Jade Roller and derma stamp.

It can also be used to disinfect the Euro mat if sharing the mat with others.

The cleaner can prevent the build-up of bacteria on your roller in between treatments allowing you to use your roller with confidence.


EXPERT Microneedling Authority and Advisor to the Beauty Industry.

Author of International BEST SELLING Title ‘Holistic Microneedling'

The FAMOUS techniques developed in our specialist clinic and REPEATEDLY demonstrated on National TV

The Lotus Roller cleaner is –

Hygienic – It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal (1,3)

Proven – Silver ions have been shown to effectively kill bacteria

Convenient – The pump spray allow the instant application of the silver ions without the risk of damaging the needles through manual application or soaking

Safe – A long history of successful continuous use


This natural lotus roller cleaner will help you maintain a hygenic lotus roller or stamp without risking damaging the needles.

An essential item for anyone who performs microneedling-designed by worldwide microneedling experts, white lotus.


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99.999% colloidal silver ions at 25ppm in a 50mL pump spray bottle

Customer Reviews

Very Handy! Review by Dianna
This is a really good product. I have always been a big believer in natural products. Colloidal silver has such a solid history of use and there is so much research into the benefits that I always have a bottle lying around. I brought this to clean my derma roller, but I also use it on my pets, kids and myself. It looks like a small bottle but- it goes a long long way. Also really like the fact that this is not manufactured using a generator like most on the market and that the it is a strong dose of colloidal- again unlike other ones. It has so many uses and is handy to take travelling! (Posted on 14/08/2015)