100% Silk Sport Cap to prevent Hair Loss, Unisex

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White Lotus Anti-Aging-100% Pure Silk Lined Sports Cap- reduce damage to thinning hair, frizzy hair & assist in hair restoration

Have you ever found yourself sitting around and noticing that it seems the more you try to prevent it, the more your hair falls out? Or perhaps you’re just looking for relief from scalp irritation issues and hair loss. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to stress anymore as there are options for those who’re seeking a bit of relief. The White Lotus Anti-aging pure silk lined sports cap can be the answer to many of your problems involving scalp irritation and thinning hair. You see, like yourself, many people are facing these very same issues while searching high and low for the same answers only to come up with none. There are so many added benefits of using the white lotus cap that you’ll be glad you tried one.

How can it help me?

 One thing most people notice about the White Lotus cap is the materials that are used to make it. Most think that when you use something that is lined with silk, some of these things might happen:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Odors
  • More hair loss
  • Uncomfortable

And the list goes on. None of these really could be further from the truth though. In fact, the Lotus silk lined cap is made with a very breathable material that allows moisture to stay within the cap and your scalp and hair to breathe. Meanwhile, other properties built in to the material and hat itself are designed to prevent the issues we just discussed. When you order one of these great caps, never again will you have to worry about an awful smell forming. There are preventive measures that stop mold or mildew, or any fungus for that matter to be able to grow too.

These caps were designed with the consumer in mind as they work with your scalp to protect and strengthen the hair you have without causing any further hair loss. Many caps go as far as throwing a logo on it which can be unsightly and take away from the appearance, yet the lotus cap never will have a logo of any kind on it. Worried there are only for females? Think again! These great caps are readily available in at least even different colors and can be used for men, women, or children. They really are a universal cap that are meant to suit the needs for any.

Furthermore, these same great caps have been proven time and time again to help ease pre-existing scalp issues and with scalp irritation. Many who reported having issues like a dry, itchy scalp found relief with these caps as their issues became a thing of the past. There made of one-hundred percent cotton materials and are a great way to protect your scalp. Frizzy hair? Not anymore, while some caps have been known to cause frizz as a result of friction, there will be none of that with the White Lotus cap.

Baseball cap with 100% 19 mome silk lining

Customer Reviews

Excellent Review by Ray G
I really like the product, good quality and it works, well done! (Posted on 27/09/2016)