Derma Stamp

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Derma Stamps

White Lotus Derma stamps are made from the highest quality stainless steel micro needles. Containing 117 micro needles they are the perfect size for smaller areas without being too time consuming.

Derma stamps are ideal for assisting small isolated scars or areas where a micro needle roller would have trouble reaching. In addition they are preferable for assisting hair loss in longer hair where a micro needle roller can become entangled in the axel and actually remove hair. There is often a debate whether to use a derma stamp vs dermaroller . Both are useful for different purposes. The dermastamp is as stated better for providing intense stimulation on smaller areas and where hair may become entangled. In addition we prefer the dermastamp to the recently introduced derma pen. The addition of electronic insertion has not always been popular with some reports suggesting it makes the treatments more painful without additional benefit.
The derma stamp is also called the micro needle stamp.

All White Lotus packages provide a complete range of products to perform the treatments at home. They come with complete instructions on how to use derma stamp to guarantee you produce fantastic derma stamp results.