Acupressure Mat

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Acupressure Mat or Bed of Nails

The Euromat had its origins in ancient India and China. In India its origins can be traced to the original bed of nails while in China similar acupuncture mats were used to apply acupressure therapeutically.

The modern incarnation of the acupressure mat is actually a Russian invention during the cold war in the 1970s. Ivan Kuznetzov used an accupressure mat he developed from studying a bed of nails acupressure mat from India. He used this bed of nails mat to treat his own health problems and then promoted it to Doctors throughout Russia. It was then widely researched and by the end of the 1970s was widely available in pharmacies across the country.

One of the original researchers from Russia later moved to the USA where she attempted to duplicate some of this early research.
Her scientific trial involved results for 126 individuals (1).

Her main findings were

98% reported relief of pain
96% reported being relaxation benefits
94% recorded an improvement in sleep
81% recorded increased energy levels

In her book she states that it is her belief that the acupressure mat can regulate endorphins in the same way as acupuncture and so have a regulatory effect across a wide range of bodily functions.

The Euromat from White Lotus is designed based on this research. In addition, it has continued to be improved to provide the best effects available on the market.

Unlike other acupressure mats the Euromat is

Wider - to comfortably accommodate the largest back
Safer – Using no glue and food grade plastic
Comfortable – Using award winning memory foam
Practical – The only mat to employ Velcro straps to allow easy application to limbs and easy storage
Quality – Fully made in Europe to European standards with confidence in textiles certification

It is the most heavenly acupressure mat on the market today, but we suggest you try it for yourself and see what it can do for you!

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