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The Beauty Shop

The White Lotus Beauty Shop is the only place you can purchase your complete packages to perform skin needling at home in a natural less invasive way. White Lotus’s unique holistic techniques have featured on national television and newspapers. They incorporate the unique dry needling techniques of Eastern Asia. By incorporating dermal needling into this holistic philosophy White Lotus can provide skin rolling in an effective way that works with your body rather than overcoming its appearance. This leads to less health concerns and side effects.

The Lotus Roller is the highest quality micro needle roller available. It is machine assembled; quality tested, sterilised and placed in tamper evident packaging to ensure it reaches you in a safe effective condition. These rollers are known by a number of names such as face rollers and a skin roller.
White Lotus provides you with a number of different packages to allow customers to perform a skin needling procedure at home or in a clinic environment. These packs are ideal for anti aging treatments, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, hair loss and needling wrinkles. For each problem we have provided a complete holistic pack to allow you to perform the dermal microneedling yourself.

All White Lotus serums are 100% organic and many are now certified by the Soil Association. They contain ingredients scientifically proven to enhance anti aging treatments but without the risks of some cosmetic ingredients. This is particularly important as Micro Needling can enhance the absorption of many products place on the skin.

Please enjoy browsing the products. If you have any questions you can refer to the Micro needling information section of the website or also please see our book ‘Holistic Microneedling’ which explains the White Lotus philosophy and treatment procedures in greater detail.